Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shrewd thinking on WestJet's part

This is an example of the good thinking coming out of WestJet HQ. The aircraft that WestJet uses (Boeing 737-700s) can make the Calgary/Edmonton-Hawaii segment non-stop, but not at the full capacity of 136 passengers. So instead of being hammered by competitors that their aircraft are too small and don't have enough range, WestJet turns around an opens up the middle seat in several rows, creating:

1) a business class type environment (more space) for customers without the business class prices;
2) a weight savings that will make it easier for them to operate the flight, make money, and dismiss any concerns about the range of the aircraft;
3) front page coverage in the

Nice move, WestJet.

1 comment:

  1. You mean... I don't have to fight for an armrest? Or push a snoring passenger off my shoulder? And I can pay my standard rate?

    That is a good idea. Now if only WestJet had service to Sudbury...