Thursday, September 10, 2009


Every Wednesday my BlackBerry buzzes with the latest travel deals from Air Canada and suddenly the day becomes a little brighter. Work tends to take a backseat for at least a few minutes - usually more - as I pour over the destinations and make notes in my head about where I want to go on my next adventure. That flight and hotel deal in Tokyo sure sounds good and I hear there is nothing like a real sushi restaurant to try out. Hold on, are they really advertising London for $250 each way? I've always wanted to to see Big Ben and stand in Picadilly Square. Is there a way I could do both?

I've been bitten by the travel bug and it won't go away. Have been for 32 years actually.

I suppose I can blame it on my mom who put me on a plane for the first time just six weeks after I was born. It must have been love at first sight because I'm forever planning out my next destination, rearranging in my head a priority list of global destinations that I have to get to. Recent adventures to Iceland, Chicago and NYC have only reinforced that I need to go back again to see even more.

[Australia and New Zealand are currently in a tie for the n.1 spot on the to-visit list, FYI. Although Africa is a close second and lately Turkey has moved up to the three spot.]

I'm going to be blogging about all sorts of travel related things, using my experiences as the starting point. It could be interesting things in the news about a place I have been, or some great memory I just want to share.

I welcome your stories and adventures as well.

Now back to the BlackBerry...

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