Monday, February 15, 2010

In search of Diamond Tooth Gertie

Hard to believe I'm already thinking about summer vacation plans, what with it being the middle of February and the Winter Games in full swing out in Vancouver.

I recently found out that some friends will be getting married in Haines Junction, Yukon and I'm stoked about making the trip up there. Where is Haines Junction you might be asking yourself? According to the handy travel guide I was perusing over the weekend at McNally Robinson, Haines Junction is approx. 150 kms west of Whitehorse, which is the capital of the Yukon terrority. (Whitehorse, in case you need a reference point, is 2,500 kms north of Vancouver according to Google Maps.)

A sleepy little town, Haines Junction seems to be a place where you fill up with gas and supplies before heading deep into the Yukon wilderness. (Who knows, I might be sleeping in a tent for this adventure!)

High on my list of places to stop and play while in the area includes Kluane National Park. It features Mount Logan, the tallest mountain in Canada, and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979 for the spectacular glacier and icefield landscapes as well as for the importance of several animal habitats.
What else? There will certainly be an adventure where I pan for gold, I'm considering making a trip down the highway to Skagway, Alaska (itself part of the mining history of the area), and some time in Whitehorse to explore the sights.
And maybe even some quality time with Diamond Tooth Gertie, if I can find her.

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