Friday, February 19, 2010

Watch the Olympics, follow Twitter, get a good deal on your flight

With Air Canada featuring a different deal almost every day this week, I was asked how I know about them. I wish it was some awesome secret that I could turn into a small fortune, but in reality, you just need to be on Twitter and following AC_webSaver.

The pattern seems to be that every time a Canadian athlete wins a medal, Air Canada either later that day or the next morning will tweet about some kind of great one-day-only deal and the promotion code needed to book the flight. So far the deals have been for travel within Canada, Executive First seats, or to warm weather destinations.

You have to book by midnight of the day the deal is announced but the window for travel is good until December. I tried playing with it to see what I could get flightwise out of Winnipeg but one thing I noticed is that you need to be flexible with your travel dates because the deals don't always apply to certain dates or flights.

This isn't the first time that Air Canada is offering deals via Twitter. The Olympic tie in is a catchy little promotion but it pays to follow Air Canada the rest of the year as well.

With 9 days left before Wayne Gretzky rides in the back of a pick up truck from BC Place Stadium to the cauldron with a fire extinguisher in hand to bring the games to a close, keep a close eye on the events in which Canada is expected to medal next week...hello curling and hockey....there should be deals to be had if you are looking to travel.

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